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Owen Jacob – Welcome to world!

So often in my prayer time I ask God for more…more for my family, more growth for our ministry, more opportunities to expand my reach, more land for our next home…so often I ask for more but God knows what I actually need is less.

The weekend of May 19th was set up to be full of great activities but a very busy one. We had young adult group at our house Friday night, MOPs training Saturday morning, a 2nd birthday party Saturday afternoon, friends visiting from out of town Saturday night, a bake sale at church for the Belize mission trip, a gathering for a missionaries we support, and a girls dinner Sunday night. All fun events with people we love but we definitely over did it with the scheduling and set ourselves up for burn out and melt downs.

Thursday afternoon we got the call that my sister in law was going to the hospital to have her baby! We put the wheels in motion to start passing off all of our responsibilities for the weekend and notifying friends we couldn’t attend. Most of the drive was spent reshuffling things for the weekend. We made it in time to be some of the first family to meet baby Owen late Thursday night!

She looks awesome for just having a baby and look at little Owen testing out his voice!

I can only imagine the fun these three boys will have together over the years.

Friday morning I laid in the sun by the pool while Charlie slept and Jordan pushed Timmy on the swing and I was reminded of the many blessings God had poured over us on this day. It amazes me that God is so intimately aware of every part of our lives; our schedules, lack of sleep, stress, anxiousness etc. As a mom who lives a life of mostly simple daily tasks I can’t believe God cares to show himself in nap schedule, playtime, and family time when he knows I need it.

The peace and stillness of laying in the sun was not something I enjoy often and it was so rejuvenating. God used the blessing of Owen’s birth to interfere with our lives and replace busyness with rest, to replace responsibilities with joyful celebration, and to replace a weekend full of dividing and conquering with togetherness. I’ll never fully understand why the creator of the world cares about such small details of my life but I know it comes from his deep love for us.

My little walker wants to run down the hill like big brother but he still needs momma’s hand to make sure he doesn’t end up face down! lol.

Timmy LOVED Grammy pulling him around in the wagon. Charlie held on tight the entire ride and had an unsure look on his face. lol

Yup, we love him!

Uncle Jordan, Uncle J, Uncle Rowdy? The jury is still out!

How do I look with three?! Haha

The proud big cousin ‘holding’ Owen!

Allie and Ralph are amazing parents already and tag teaming the night time duties like pros! We loved on Owen, played at Grammy and MackPappy’s house, and I went to Michael’s and Target 3 times to get supplies for Owen’s nursery letters. Did you hear my ground breaking news?! Michael’s accepts competitor coupons from AC Moore, Hobby Lobby, and JoAnn Fabrics! How did I not know this?!

Click here for the step by step instructions on these DIY Nursery Letters! They are simple to make and light weight for hanging over the crib.

These three boys have the best grandparents!

The blessings are endless this weekend – the friends who stood in our place to cover our ministry responsibilities, the rejuvenation of a sunny day poolside, the time together as a family, the rest of a simpler schedule, and the one that surpasses them all – Owen Jacob. Our newest little love who is absolutely perfect. Owen baby, we will forever drop everything in our lives and drive 3 hours to be there for you! We love you!

Children really are an interruption but a beautiful interruption full of unthinkable blessings!

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