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Hello Friends! Welcome to a blog about the Rowdy Routch’s. This is not a self proclaimed nickname…this is a name I married into. I haven’t been able to shake it over the last 7 years so it looks like it is going to stick. It started with a nickname my husband was given in college…they started calling him J-Rowdy, Rowdy, Rowdy Routch etc. You know, just guys being guys. The weird part of the story is when my husband decided to get a vanity license plate that says ‘J-Rowdy’…yup it’s true. It’s pretty embarrassing, especially when I have to drive his car. Secretly, I kind of love the corkiness of this but that doesn’t stop me from making fun of him for it every chance I get.

As a result, I have become C-Rowdy; Timmy is T-Rowdy; Charlie is C-Rwody squared…I think you get the point. 🙂 We have a few groupies who are self proclaimed Rowdy’s as well.

I hope you enjoy following along as I share our experiences raising our boys and the fun home decor and DIY stuff that I do with my minimal spare time!


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